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The Start of Emmet Township--Pottawatomie County, Kansas

The Kansas Heritage Group would like to thank Linda Combs for contributing this material.



C.A. O'Meara, one of the members of the Emmet Townsite company, was in Westmoreland yesterday. Mr. O'Meara is very much pleased with the prospects of the new town. County Surveyor H.E. Barrett is surveying the townsite this week and expects to have the survey completed by Saturday and the plat made. Twenty lots have already been sold by contract by the company for, or course, the deeds could not be delivered until the plat is completed.

Jes Laswell and other capitalists associated with him have bought property in the town and will commence within a week the erection of a substantial stone building for a bank. Frank Dunn of St. Marys has a store at St. Clere, Mr. Glynt has one at Holy Cross and Mr. Slimmer has one at Adrian. These stores are all located in the territory immediately tributary to Emmet and are doing a thriving business and has each made arrangements to move its stock of goods to Emmet at once. O'Meara & Hiskey own a hardware store at Havensville and will move it to Emmet as soon as they can put up a building.

Herman Hartwick of Onaga has bought lots in the town and will put in a lumber yard at once. Jonathan Thomas of Topeka will also put in a branch yard there. The P.V. elevator company will build in the town at once. A fine location has been reserved for a schoolhouse. Any church organization that will put up a building there will be given the site free.

The town is surrounded by a very fine territory and has from four to twelve miles of country surrounding the town nearer to it than to other towns.

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