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Girl Scouts In Western Kansas

Girl Scouts Tumbleweed Council

Girl Scouts of Tumbleweed Council Inc. conducted its annual meeting and recognition luncheon Saturday, April 3, 2004, at the First United Methodist Church, Dodge City. The flag ceremony was conducted by Girl Scouts from Dodge City.

Nominating Committee (two-year term): Diane Bonner, Dodge City.

Nominating Committee (three-year term): Carole Bays, Dodge City.

The day was hosted by the East Association of Girl Scouts of Tumbleweed
Council. Sheila Railsback is the chairman.

Recognitions given out at the luncheon included Bronze Awards. It is the
highest award at the junior level. The awards went to Troop #226, Dodge
City, Doriane Rankin, leader; and Dodge City #212, Brenda Jensen, leader.

500-plus cookie sellers included: Diondra Barnes, Ashley Kreger, Allison
Kennedy, Ashley Millershaski, Jenny Delzeit, Blaise Jensen and Olivia
Rankin, all of Dodge City.

Adult recognitions included:

* Outstanding Leader: Heather Lantz, Christina Hindman, Judy Cooper,
Shurlene Mann, Diane Dahna, Cheryl Gialdini and Chris Peters, all of Dodge

* Outstanding Volunteer Award: Lea Roets and Margaret Butcher, both of
Dodge City.

* Valuable Service Certificate (Business): Jason Railsback, Dodge City.

* GSTC Leadership Award: Wendy Waller, Dodge City.

* Special Appreciation Award: Carol Bayes, Dodge City.

* VIP Award and Pin: Melanie Selensky and Doriane Rankin, both of Dodge

* Couple Award: Melanie and Terry Selensky, Dodge City, who have done
whatever needs to be done at any of the Dodge City huts. They are always
there to help.

* Girls event directors: Doriane Rankin, fifth year, Dodge City; and
Sheila Railsback, 12th year, Dodge City.

* Council trainers: Sandra Masden, Marsha McConnaughy, Doriane Rankin,
Margaret Butcher, Judith Demuth and Barb Lauters, all of Dodge City.

*  Service Unit Manager: Melanie Selensky, Dodge City, Tina Elder-Gerber,
Cimarron, and Sheila Railsback, Dodge City.

* Association Chairs: Sheila Railsback, East Association.

Leaders: Let's have a big hand for our leaders.

* Adult Years of Service: 15-year pin: Doriane Rankin, Rose Vogel and Peg
Ranney, all of Dodge City. 40-year pin: Shirley Trabet, Dodge City.

* Super Troop Patch: Dodge City 210/21,6 Marlene Roets, leader; Dodge City
209, Dina Kreger, leader; and Dodge City 226, Doriane Rankin, leader.

* Green Angel Awards: Dina Kreger, Marlene Roets, Diane Dahna and Doriane

Girl Scouts Tumbleweed Council
114 Grant
P.O. Box 1755
Garden City, KS 67846
Email: gstcfield@odsgc.net

Tel: 620-276-7061 or 888-900-7061

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