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110 Mile Creek--Santa Fe Trail

name changed from Mud Creek or Muddy Creek;
Tim Hersey was a pioneer and town promoter;
Charles H. Thompson was the townsite owner;
1859/1860 Smoky Hill Trail; 1866/1867 K.P. R.R.; 
1867 Chisholm Trail; S.F. R.R.;
home of Dwight D. Eisenhower;

Advance--Meade; C.R.I.P. R.R. 1887; 


Aiken--McPherson; C.R.I.P. R.R. 1887; 

Albany--Nemaha; 1857; populated by families from Castle Creek and
Painted Post, N.Y.; located 2 m. north of Sabetha at center of
S35 T1S R14E, on Elwood and Marysville; Territorial Road in 1859;
P.O. 1858, John Shumway, postmaster;

Albany (New)--Wilson; S.L.S.F. R.R.

Albion--Harper; replaced Gourock; located on the very east border; later
moved right across the county line to Sumner County; 
Albion--Republic; Albion for a short time was name of a post
Albion--Wabaunsee; named changed to Pike; replaced later by a
post office named Alta Vista.

Alcove Springs--Marshall; 
Alden--Rice; A.T.S.F. R.R.; 
Alexander--Rush; Alexander Harvey, postmaster

I checked the GNIS database and it listed under locale, 
Alliance, Kansas (historical) in Barton County. I checked 
the map and it's north west of Holyrood, north east of 

Allison--Decatur; name of Pioneer
Alloway--Sumner; G. A. Alloway, townsite owner

Alma--Wabaunsee; founded in 1857; named for city in Germany from 
which many of its first settlers had come; located in Alma Township; 
C.R.I.P. R.R. 1887;

New Almelo--Norton; German name; 

   Sec. 8, Twp 2 South, Range 21
   West. Grew up around homestead of James & Mary Brown Hall south of
   the Prairie Dog Creek circa 1871. Mail was distributed to settlers
   from their sod house. Named for Mary Hall's home town in Michigan. In
   1885, the Lincoln Land Company platted land north of the Prairie Dog
   Creek and in conjunction with the Burlington RR offered free lots to
   merchants who would move. Almena was incorporated as a city of the
   third class on April 10, 1893. Two rail lines served Almena: the
   Chicago, Kansas and Nebraska Railway (the Rock Island route) with
   track laid through Norton County in 1887 located in south Almena; and
   in north Almena the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad. Each had
   its own depot.

Alta Vista (aka Cable City)--Wabaunsee; formerly called Albion; 
located in Washington Township; C.R.I.P. R.R. 1887

Altamont--Labette; S.L.S.F. R.R.;

Alton--Osborne; General H. C. Bull (from Wisconson, first postmaster)
and Lyman T. Earl, town promoters; name changed from Bull City to 
Alton for Alton, Illinois;

America City--Nemaha; 1857; nucleus of settlers came from
Galesburg and Centralia, IL; on Parallel Road from Atchison to
Denver, 1859; P.O. 1859, George Randel, postmaster; 
Americus--Lyon; located north of Emporia; named for the
"celebrated explorer Americus Vespucci"; M.K.T. R.R.
Andover--Butler; S.L.S.F. R.R.
Antelope--Marion; place on the Santa Fe Trail where antelope were 
seen; P.O.;
Anthony--Harper; seat of Harper County; 50 miles west of Arkansas City.

Antonino--Ellis; located south of Hays; 

Have history of the town as it was know as Hathaway,Cox's Creek,Old 
Arcadia, Finley City and present Arcadia Can send as an Attachment. 
[Carol Brooks (sbrooks@ckt.net) contributed this information."]

Argonia--Sumner; Argonia had the "first woman mayor in the world" 
Susana Medora Salter in 1887. I think I read elsewhere that she 
also had a female town council. (from 4 centuries in Kansas) 
[Information contributed by Sharon Leigh Nelson (slnelson@indiana.edu)]

Arizon(i)a--Doniphan; platted Mar. 1, 1856; SW 1/4? S36 T2S R21E.
Arkalon--Seward; C.R.I.P. R.R. 1888; bybassed by the Samson of
the Cimarron project; named for Arkalon Tenny, father of

Arkansas City--Cowley; founded Jan. 1, 1870; 1880's gold rush but 
mining operations did not prove profitable; Aug. 1893 over 50,000 
people swarmed into Arkansas City area when land in Cherokee 
Strip opened for homesteads. 

Arlington--Reno; C.R.I.P. R.R. 1887 
Arma--Crawford; named for a coal miner and land owner Arma Post; 

Armstrong (Lenape?)--Leavenworth; K.P. R.R.
Army City--Geary
Arnold--Ness; J. G. Arnold, elevator owner
Arrington--Atchison; named after Mary Arington, fiancee of Thomas
Hooper; Thomas Hooper arrived in northeast Kansas from Kentucky
with Ramsom Abner Winkle; 

Arvonia--Osage; A.T.S.F. R.R.; Welsh population settlement;

Ash Point-Nemaha; 1857; center of S8 T2S R11E on Ft. Leavenworth
and Ft. Laramie Military Road; P.O. 1858, Horace Bemus,
Ash Valley--Pawnee
Ashland--Clark; county seat of Clark County;

Atchison--Atchison; take off point for gold fields of
California in 1850; A.T.S.F. R.R. founded at Atchison 1871; 
M.P. R.R. Central Branch;

Atwood--Rawlins; county seat;
Aubrey (Kendall)--A.T.S.F. R.R. 1872; Santa Fe Trail;
Augusta--Butler; incorporated in 1871; located on table land near
confluence of Walnut and Whitewater Rivers; S.L.S.F. R.R.


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