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Eagle Springs--Doniphan; 
Earlton--Neosho; Earle, pioneer; 

   This was a small community in northwest Butler county, and was
   located on the SW 1/4 of section 6 in Murdock township. Several homes
   were located there, a postoffice, of which Jesse Aaron Hawes was the
   first postmaster, & a general store were located at this townsite.
   This town no longer exists, and the land where it once stood is in use
   for farming. [Information contributed by Mary Snyder 

Edgerton--A.T.S.F. R.R.; Santa Fe Trail; 

Edna--LaBette; Edna is in LaBette Co, Kansas. Please add LaBette County 
to your list. 
[Patricia Hellmers (phellmers@wpsmtp.siumed.edu) contributed this information.]

Edwardsville--Wyandotte; C.R.I.P. R.R.; K.P. R.R.;
Edwin--Crawford; 1878 original name for the town of Litchfield;
P.O. 31 Jan. 1878 - 9 May 1881;
Edwin--Wabaunsee; C.R.I.P. R.R. 1887
Effingham--Atchison; M.P. R.R. Central Branch;
El Dorado--Butler; Seat of former Irving County and present
Butler County, began as a trading point and cattle town on the
banks of the Walnut River in the 1860's; 1915 oil was discovered; 

Elbing--Butler; German name; 

   I have knowledge that my maternal grandfather was born in a railroad 
   section house in Elgin, KS and would like to learn more about the 
   section houses. 
   [Doris Havner (dordav@webtv.net) contributed this information]

elgin, ks is located in chautauqua county on the oklahoma border. it was
founded in 1871. the santa fe railroad arrived in 1886 and elgin became a
cattle town. bob dalton and bill doolin among other outlaw types were often
visitors to this wild town. after cattle ceased to be the main industry,
oil was found and they had a boom that lasted until 1924. the town hit on
hard times after that and has never recovered. mat.
[Mary Ann Thompson (mthompso@tiger.fhsu.edu) contributed this information.]

Elinor--A.T.S.F. R.R.; 
Elizabeth--Marshall; M.P. R.R. Central Branch;
Elk City--Montgomery; 
Elk Falls--Elk; 
Elkhart--Morton; seat of Morton County; Santa Fe Trail Jornada
Ellinwood--Barton; A.T.S.F. R.R.; Santa Fe Trail
Ellis--Ellis; K.P./U.P. R.R. 1867; founded in 1867; Walter P. Chrysler
received his public school education and learned his trade as a
machinist here.

Ellsworth--Ellsworth; founded in 1867 near Fort Ellsworth/Harker;
named after Lt. Allen Ellsworth of the 7th Iowa Cavalry; 1872
Ellsworth succeeded Abilene as northern terminus of Texas cattle
trail; K.P. R.R. Jun 1867; S.L.S.F. R.R. 1888

Elm Grove/Lone Elm campground--Johnson; Oregon Trail; south of Olathe;

Elm Mills--Pratt; 
   Do you have any information on the
   town of Elm Mills, when it was and old milling town in the early 1800.
   Now it is a privite resort (swimming & fishing) but, what was it like
   when it was supported by the Flour Mill of many years ago. please send
   any information or give me an e-mail address. 
   [Information contrbuted by Scott Gross (ctsgross@media-net.net)]

Elmdale--A.T.S.F. R.R.
Elmo--Located south of Abilene; 

Elwood--Doniphan; Pony Express; The first railroad in Kansas was 
between Elwood to Wathena; former named Roseport for Richard Rose,
but he was expelled when the community discovered he was a former
convict; town was reorganized by John B. Elwood of New York and 
renamed Elwood.

Emerald--Anderson; located on Ianthe Creek in the Anderson-Franklin 
County area; P.O. named Emerald; settlers came from Emerald Isle
   Emerald is situated in Anderson County, just beyond
   the southern border line of Franklin County. The site is ideal, and
   afford a commanding view of the surrounding country. Indeed, from this
   mountaintop of vision one may see the grand sweep of a fertile valley
   extending in three directions over a distance of twenty miles. Emerald
   was first settled by immigrants from old Ireland, or the Emerald Isle,
   who came to the country of their adoption in the middle fifties of the
   19th century and made here this new Ireland of America. The first
   Catholic settlers of the community were the following: Thomas Collins,
   Henry Collins, David and William Fitzgerald, Edward Reddington, Jerry
   Sullivan, MICHAEL GLENNON, Hugh McEvoy, Sr., Terrance Magrath and
   sons, Daniel Doolin, Patrick Campbell and James McLindon and son
   Patrick. This number was soon increased by the advent of the Grants,
   the Mooneys, the O'Neills, the McGlinchys, James Fay, Thomas McGlinn
   CHURCH-EMERALD. Personal Comment: The history of Emerald is really the
   history of St. Patrick's Catholic Church, which is fascinating. My
   father was born in Emerald in 1890- his name-Thomas H. Glennan. He was
   baptized at St. Patrick's. Soon afterwards his family moved to
   Chickasaw Indian Territory (now Oklahoma). Michael Glennon and his
   family continued to live there, and they are all now dead - several
   members buried in St. Patrick's cemetery. The church is beautiful, and
   the cemetery is so well kept. The Kansas Historical Society should do
   an article on the community. The history is fascinating. Anna Marie
   (Glennan) Wilson P.O. Box 1447 Lone Grove, OK 73443-1447.
[Anna Marie (Glennan) Wilson (amwilson@brightok.net) contributed this 

Eminence--Finney; first named Creola and then Cuyler; 
Empire City--Cherokee; Empire City began in 1877 when lead was
discovered near Short Creek. 
Emporia--Lyon; A.T.S.F. R.R.; M.K.T. R.R.; Welsh populatation
settlement; founded in 1857; 1863 Emporia State University at
Emporia was established as the Kansas State Normal School.
Englevale--Crawford; Cecil Engle, town promoter;
Ensign--Santa Fe Trail Jornada Route

   Established 1872 by C. Hoffman & Johannes Ehrsam.
   Originally named Louden Falls, later changed to Enterprise to reflect
   the industriousness of those who lived there. Home of J.B. Ehrsam &
   Sons manufacturing which Hoffman mills. Home of a Seventh Day
   Adventist school which originally was a liberal arts university. The
   university was later sold to the Adventists who, to this day use it as
   a school. 
[Jim Sumner (jsumner7@wichita.infi.net) contributed this information.]

Erie--Neosho; originally called Osage Mission; there was both an
Old and New Erie in Neosho County, but Old Erie suffered
political defeat, a devastating fire, and final destruction by a
Esbon--Jewell County; named after Ezbon Kellogg, pioneer. 
Eureka--Greenwood; founded by Albert Tucker and a few others; 
Howard Branch of Santa Fe R.R.;
Evansville--Doniphan; N 1/2 S25 T3S R21E; filed by Col. D.M.
Johnston, June 1, 1857.

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