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Fairview--Brown; S10 & S11 T3S R21E; filed June 6, 1857. 
Fall Leaf--Anderson;
Fall Leaf (Horne?)--Leavenworth; C.R.I.P. R.R.; K.P. R.R.;

Fall River--Greenwood; S.L.S.F. R.R.; 
Fall River Township--Wilson; 

Far West--Morris; a crossing on Clark's Creek in Clark's Creek 
Township, western Morris County; P.O.; William Marion Walter, postmaster;
Fargo Springs--Seward; 
Farlington--Crawford; Eugene D. Farley, postmaster; 
Farlinville--Linn; Alonzo Farlin, pioneer

Farmdale--Benedict Branch of Santa Fe R.R.;
Farmington--Atchison; M.P. R.R. Central Branch;
Farmington--Nemaha; c1856; located 1 m. s.w. of Baker's Ford on
St. Joseph and Calif. Road. 

Fellsburg--Edwards; Fells family, pioneers
Ferguson--Sedgwick; named after Pioneer;
First Sight--
Flat--Howard Branch of Santa Fe R.R.;

Fleming School (dist. 119) was located near Weir, Kansas. 

The Fleming Coal Mining Camp was located 3 miles south and about 3 miles
west of 4th and Broadway in Pittsburg, Kansas. My uncle Mike DeFrance and
his father both worked in the Fleming Coal Mine in the early 1920's, and
later moved to Radley, KS which isn't too far from Franklin. There are
still a few houses at Fleming although today you couldn't consider it a
town. Any of the old timers in that area could direct you to Fleming.

Fleming is in Crawford County.
Elevation: 925 feet
Latitude: 37 22' 5"N
Longitude: 94 46' 58"W
County Code: CR

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Bill DeGarmo 
(billde@kcisp.net) for contributing this information on the
Fleming Coal Mining Camp in Crawford County.

I am trying to found or see if
   there was a town by the name of Fletcher, Kansas. I don,t know how
   long ago. Trying to found out for my son-in-law. 
[Audrey Ruch (aruch46268@aol.com) contributed this information.]

Florence--established at the junction of the Cottonwood River and
Doyle Creek in 1870, and was named for Mrs. Florence Crawford
Capper, daughter of Gov. S. J. Crawford; A.T.S.F. R.R.

Fontana--Miami; Located south of Paola, Kansas. 

Ford--Ford; Lower Crossing of Santa Fe Trail; located at the
junction of the Arkansas River and Mulberry Creek;
Forest Lake--Wyandotte; C.R.I.P. R.R.; K.P. R.R.

Formoso--Jewell; name changed from Omio to Formoso when the
railway came to Omio in 1885; there was once a small coal mine 
in Jewell County located about three miles south of Formoso just 
west of the former town of Omio. 

Only thing I can say is that my
   Grandfather Adna Wilfred Ellsworth is said to have been the one to lay
   out the streets of Formoso where he and his family lived for many
   years. I am interested in this fact, and any other Ellsworth family
   information. Thanks! 
[Dorothy Martin (hmndm@diversicomm.com) contributed this information.]

Fort Atkinson--Ford; Santa Fe Trail; established 8 Aug. 1850;
located about 2 m. West of Dodge City.
Fort Aubrey--Hamilton; established Sep. 1865; located at the
head of Spring Creek about 2 1/2 m. North of the Arkansas River,
midway between present Kendall (Aubrey) and Syracuse.
Fort Dodge--Ford; Santa Fe Trail; established 10 Apr. 1865;
Fort Downer--Trego; (see Downer's Station);
Fort Harker/Ellsworth--Ellsworth; Smoky Hill Trail; established Aug. 1864;
located about 3-4 m. S.E. of Ellsworth.
Fort Hays/Fletcher--Ellis; Smoky Hill Trail; established 11 Oct. 1865
Fort Larned--Pawnee; Santa Fe Trail; established 22 Oct. 1859;
Fort Leavenworth--Leavenworth; Smoky Hill Trail; Santa Fe Trail;
established 8 May 1827; located on Missouri River at Salt Creek;

Fort Lincoln (Lincoln)--Bourbon; 
P.O. 1861-1879;
1863 established by James H. Lane; 
located 12 m. south of Fort Scott, Bourbon County;
used primarily to house Confederate prisoners;
1864 abandonded and relocated;
part of border defense system of Fort Scott during Civil War; 
protect Kansas residents against attacks from Confederate forces; 
name changed to Osaga and then replaced by Fulton.

Fort Mann--Ford; Santa Fe Trail; established 1845; located about 8 m.
West of Dodge City.
Fort Monument--Gove; (see Monument Station)

Fort Riley--Geary/Riley; K.P. R.R.; Leavenworth-Pikes Peak Express; 
Smoky Hill Trail; established 17 May 1853; located 3 m. from Junction
Fort Scott--Bourbon; seat of Bourbon County; M.K.T. R.R.; M.P. R.R.; 
established 30 May 1842 at Marmaton Crossing; located on Fort 
Leavenworth-Fort Gibson Military Road. 

Fort Wallace--Wallace; also known as Camp on Pond Creek;
1860/1861 Smoky Hill Trail;
1865 establised to protect settlers against the Indians; 
western most frontier post in Kansas;
located on the south fork of the Smoky Hill River in Wallace County;
1870 K.P. R.R.;
1882 abandonded;

Fort Zarah--Barton County
Fort Zarah was established September 6 Sep 1864 on the banks of 
Walnut Creek near the crossroads of the Santa Fe Trail, the 
army supply route from Fort Riley, and the main Indian trail. 
In 1867 Fort Zarah was relocated in stone buildings two miles 
downstream near the Arkansas River. Fort Zarah was abandoned 
December 4, 1869 as the Indian problem moved southwestward.

Fostoria--Pottawatomie; Charles W. Foster, pioneer

Four Houses--Wyandotte; the earliest trading post of record on
the Kansas River and the first 19th century fur "depot" in
Kansas; built by Sara and Francis Chouteau. 

Fourmile--Nemaha; community located near the present site of Bern; 

Fowler--Meade; C.R.I.P. R.R. 1887; George Fowler, town promoter

Frankfort--Marshall; Oregon Trail; Black Vermillion River 
Crossing south and west of Frankfort; M.P. R.R. Central Branch; 
German name; 

Fredonia--Wilson; founded in 1868; S.L.S.F R.R. 1879;
French Valley--Wabaunsee; 
Friend--Finney; S.F. R.R.; (see McCue);
Frontenac--Crawford; located north of Pittsburg; began as a 
mining camp; plotted in 1887 when it was given the name of the
famous French general;
Fulda--Elk; German name; 
Fulton--Bourbon; (see Fort Lincoln);

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