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Janet--Reno; C.R.I.P. R.R. 1887; located between Arlington and 

Jaqua was located near the southern border of Cheyenne county and 
very close to the west border.  The town lost its post office in 1919. 

In looking over the various Kansas pages on the Internet, I found your
name several times.  My great-great grandparents lived nearby Jaqua,
Kansas, in Cheyenne County in the 1880's.  I've never been able to find
whatever might be left of the small town.  My grandmother used to say
that it was west of St. Francis and a little south.  Any ideas?
[Phil Hesterman (phesterman@ginetworks.com) contributed this information.]

Southwest of Leavenworth on old Leavenworth-Topeka RR line. 
[Dwayne McCune (dmccune@juno.com) contributed this information.]

Jennings--Decatur; Warren Jennings, postmaster
Jericho--Gove; small town located south and west of Hackberry; 
Jetmore--Hodgeman; A.T.S.F. R.R.
Jewell City--Jewell; Col. N. H. Billings, a founder of Jewell City,
was elected surveyor of Jewell County in 1870.
Johnson--Stanton; A.T.S.F. R.R.
Johnstown--McPherson; John Johnson, postmaster
Jones--Morris; C.R.I.P. R.R. 1887
Joy--Kiowa; C.R.I.P. R.R. 1887
Junction City--Geary; 1858 founded near junction Republican/Smoky
Hill Rivers; originally named Manhattan; Smoky Hill Trail; K.P.
R.R. Oct./Nov. 1866; M.K.T. R.R; Junction City & Fort Kearney R.R;
Leavenworth-Pikes Peak Express (Station 7)

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