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Kackley--Republic; Joe Kackley, townsite owner;

Kalaida (Kalida)--Woodson; an extinct settlement originally located 
just east of Yates Center, Kansas; had an early school in this area.


Kansas City--Anderson; 
Kansas City--Wyandotte; K.P. R.R Sept. 1863; Santa Fe Trail; 

Keighley--Butler; S.L.S.F. R.R.
Kelly's Station--Leavenworth; Stranger Township; 
P.O.; 4-Mar-1867 Pemfield, postmaster ;
Kelso--Morris; named for David Kelso, the lawyer for the Missouri 
Pacific Railroad; Kelso P.O. 1881; M.K.T. R.R.; 
railroad station was named Downing;
Kelso--Rawlins; 2nd of four names given to Ludell; 


Kennekuk--Atchison; 1858 founded as a stage stop and named after
a Kickapoo Indian Chief; headquarters of the Kickapoo agency; an
early settlement in Atchison County; located near the border of
Brown County; 

Kenneth--Johnson; Local Landowner
Kenneth--Sheridan; original name for Hoxie;

   In 1836 the Kickapoo Catholic Mission was established, 
   which later became the town of Kickapoo, Kansas. The establishment was
   situated north of Ft. Leavenworth about 10 miles of the Missouri
   river. The Sacred Heart Catholic church was started there and by 1870
   there was a sizeable establishment. My fourth great back grandfather
   Joseph Kempter (1792-1873) is buried there. He was from Baden Germany
   and is listed at Kickapoo in the 1860 census. Kickapoo was in
   competition with Leavenworth to become the County seat, but Leavenworth
   won out. *"History of the Kickapoo Mission Parish", William Graves
   *"The Beginning of the West" "Kansas & Kansans" 
   [Information contributed my Geri Hawkins (redhen@theonramp.net)]

Kimball--Neosho; U.P. R.R.; M.P. R.R.; name changed from Dalton 
to Kimball in honor of C.H. Kimball, president of the town's
first railroad.

Kincaid--Anderson; located in southeastern Anderson County; 
named for Robert Kincaid, a promoter of the St. Louis 
and Emporia Railroad (a branch of the Missouri Pacific).
   Looking for information on my
   grandfather Charley Fulmer, lived in Kincade KS, died around 1950.
   Married to Bertha ? had 3 sons, Clifford Hugh, Forrest Mark, Harlan
[Dianne Cauthen (dcauthe@vastar.com) contributed this information.]

Kingman--Kingman; founded in 1872 on the north side of the
Kingsville--Shawnee; K.P. R.R.;
Ninnescah River on some of the finest farm land in Kansas.
Kingsdown--Ford; C.R.I.P. R.R. 1887.
Kinsley--Edwards; Santa Fe Trail; located southwest of Great
Bend; A.T.S.F. R.R. 1872; founded by a group from Massachusetts
in 1873.
Kismet--Seward; C.R.I.P. R.R. 1887

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