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Narka--Republic; named for the daughter of a Rock Island official;
Naron--Pratt; Former name of Byers, Kansas; 
Natrona (aka Olympia)--Pratt; C.R.I.P. R.R. 1887; 
Naylor--Cherokee; Naylor, pioneer
Neodesha--Wilson; founded in 1867; S.L.S.F. R.R.
	A man by the name of Richard Thatcher who met and became 
friends with Boston Corbett (who shot J. Wilkes Booth) lived in 

The community of Neosho was located just inside the Neosho County line,
South of Petrolia (Allen County) and almost to the Woodson/Wilson County
Neosho Falls--Woodson; M.K.T. R.R.; Neosho Falls is in the NE 
corner of Woodson County and at one time was the county seat.
Neosho Rapids--Lyon; M.K.T. R.R.;

Ness City--Ness 
Netawaka--Jackson; M.P. R.R. Central Branch; 
Netherland--Reno;  German name; 

Neville--Sherman County or Cheyenne County;
   Located in Grant Township, Sherman Co., Kansas. It
   was originnally in S. Benkleman Township, Cheyenne Co., Kansas some
   31/2 miles north-northeast. Simom Kemp was the Postmaster in 1895 and
   Post office was relocated while the Neville school and the Neville
   church remain in Cheyenne County.
   [Sandi Pope (chisholm@wizzards.net) contributed this information]

Newman--Jefferson; C.R.I.P. R.R.; K.P. R.R.; H. L. Newman, town promoter

Newton--Harvey; Chisholm Trail; July 1871 A.T.S.F. R.R. extended
its line to Newton, which then succeeded Abilene as the terminus
of the Chisholm Trail; 

Nichols--A.T.S.F. R.R.
Nickel--Kiowa; located 16 miles southwest of Greenburg; P.O. closed in 
Nickerson--A.T.S.F. R.R.;

Nicodemus--Graham; established in 1877 by Exodusters; best-known and
most successful of the Black settlements; town named for an escaped 
Negro slave; W. R. Hill, town promoter; 

   Willianna Hickman (Nicodemus settler) was one of the Exodusters 
   traveling to Kansas in 1878. I have
   heard that a picture of her with quotes was published in the Ellis
   Review in 1936, but I do not have an exact date. Can you help me find
   information on her? It is for an exhibit we are creating: African
   Americans in the West. Thank you for your help. 
[Tricia O'Connor (toconnor@eiteljorg.com) contributed this information.]

   I work for the Delaware Theatre Company and we will produce a
   play entitled "Flying West" next season. Nicodemus is the Kansas town
   in which the play is set. I am also from Kansas and so I have taken it
   upon myself to research this town and it's history for the theatre. Do
   you have any more information on Nicodemus other than what's on this
   website or do you know where I can look. I would really appreciate it!
[Amy Mussman (amymussman@hotmail.com) contributed this information.]

   My grandparents, Samuel Brady
   Howell and Susie Helen Corbet first met and were married in
   Nonchalanta, Ness County, KS on 11 Apr 1888. Sam homesteaded and ran a
   feed store. Susie worked at the Nonchalanta Hotel. According to "Ness,
   Western County Kansas", by Minnie Dubbs Millbrook, 1955: "Lewis Odom
   platted the town of Nonchalanta on July 30, 1885. He asked Dr.
   Yingling to suggest a name for the town, stating he didn't care for
   what it was as long as it sounded good. Thus, the word "nonchalant"
   came into the doctor's mind. This with and extra "a" on the end
   sounded good to Mr. Odom and so the town was named. Nonchalanta lasted
   longer than some of the other boom towns. When the railroad failed to
   come, by 1890 little was left of Nonchalanta, but the ghostly stone
   buildings. In July 1899, a cloud, funnel-shaped with a green edge came
   and finished the towns of Riverside and Nonchalanta. This storm
   covered a swath four miles wide and the accompanying hail killed sheep
   and drove horses into wire fences where they were cut."
[Tom Howell (howell_t@msn.com) contributed this information] 

Normanville--Doniphan; 1861; NW 1/4 S29 T4S R19E. P.O. Mar. 21,
1862, William Normile, postmaster; Name changed in 1864 to Ridge
Farm, then re-named Wolf River in 1865, and discontinued in 1866.
North Newton--Harvey 
North Topeka--Shawnee 

Norton--Norton; platted in 1872 near the site of a famous stage
coach stop, Station 15; By 1885 Norton was a well established city. 

My gr'grfather, Frederick Mason Duvall, was a "pioneer newspaper
   publisher" in Norton; 1877-1944. He also served in the Kansas State
   Legislature and, upon his death in 1944, the Kansas State Legislature
   adopted a a resolution (HR24) honoring is life and work for the State.
   His newspaper was "The Norton Courier". He was married to (Muhulda)
   Alice Newell, daughter of another pioneer Kansas family. Would like to
   know any info on the Newell's and early Norton. 
[Mary Duvall (duvall@olypen.com) contributed this information.]

Nortonville--Jefferson; A.T.S.F. R.R; 
Norwich--Kingman; town named Norwich because of its English settlers; 
S.F. R.R.; M.P. R.R.

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