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Tampa--Marion; C.R.I.P. R.R. 1887; located about 10 miles north of Hillsboro, 
25 miles south of Abilene; Santa Fe Trail; 
Tecumseh--Shawnee; Oregon Trail; 
Templin--Wabaunsee; located in Washington Township; C.R.I.P. R.R. 1887
Tennessee Town--Shawnee; The Exoduster community in Topeka was 
called Tennessee Town.
Tennis--Finney?; S.F. R.R.; station south of Friend; named for B. M.
Tennis, general manager of the Garden City Western road.
Tescott--Ottawa; named after T.E. Scott; 
Teterville--Greenwood; "Jim" Teter, rancher
Thayer--A.T.S.F. R.R.
The Caches--Santa Fe Trail
Thompsonville--Jefferson; C. L. Thompson, pioneer and mill owner
Thornburg--Smith; named after Postmaster
Thrall--Greenwood, named after Pioneer landowner
Threshing Machine Canyon/Blufton--Trego 
Thurman--Chase; William Thurman, pioneer
Tice--S.F. R.R.;
Timken--Rush; German name; 

Tioga--Neosho; replaced by Chanute; located at the northwest
corner of New Chicago; named after the Tioga River which 
crossed the New York-Pennsylvania border; 

Tisdale--Cowley; Henry Tisdale, pioneer
Togo--Graham; located midway between Hill City and Wakeeney;  
Prairie Home School, church and cemetery are nearby; it burned 
to the ground around 1913; 


   "Members of my family
   (settlers since ca. 1870) insisted that Tonganoxie was named after an
   Indian chief who treated settlers hospitably and helped them catch
   catfish and grow crops when they were having difficulty. My father
   (Oliver Phillips, Sr., born in Tonganoxie in 1874) once took me out
   searching for Chief Tonganoxie's grave, but he concluded that the
   site, which he had known as a boy, was lost or under the turnpike."
   Oliver Phillips (Jr.) (ophil@falcon.cc.ku.edu)

Topeka--Shawnee; A.T.S.F. R.R.; K.P. R.R. 1865; C.R.I.P R.R.
1887; Oregon Trail; Smoky Hill Trail
Toronto--Woodson; Benedict Branch of Santa Fe R.R.;
Towanda--Butler, seat of former Otoe County.
Trading Post--Linn County; 
Trail City--Hamilton County;  
Travel Air--
Treece--Cherokee; J. O. Treece, real estate
Trego (WaKeeney)--Trego; K.P. R.R.;
Turkville--Ellis; Benjamin M. Turk, postmaster
Turon--Reno; C.R.I.P. R.R. 1887; 
Twin Mounds--Douglas; 
Tyler's--Brown; c1860; located at crossing of Grasshopper
(Cedar?) Creek; 2 m. s.w. of present Fairview; P. O. 1864, John
S. Tyler, pioneer postmaster.
Tyrone--Seward; named after Tyrone, PA; plat filed by the Tyrone
Town Company, May 10, 1888 on NE1/2 SE1/4 Section 15, Twp. 35,
Range 34 about 3 m. southwest of Liberal; P.O. established Jan.
1888, and moved to OK in May 1892. 

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