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Leavenworth, Kansas History

Leavenworth, seat of Leavenworth County. The Leavenworth town company, the first in Kansas Territory, was organized on June 13, 1854.

By autumn of 1856 Leavenworth had made such splendid progress that majors, Russell and Waddell, made it headquarters for their vast transportation system. Leavenworth became a base of supply for the West and Southwest.

In 1857 a third constitutional convention convened at Leavenworth, and the constitution drafted there was adopted by the people in 1858, but this too failed final acceptance.

December 11, 1858 poles for the telegraph were up as far as Leavenworth, Jefferson City, and Kansas City.

1906 The Federal Penitentiary in Leavenworth was completed.

The National Soldier's Home is located at Leavenworth.

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