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Rosemont, Kansas History

The Kansas Heritage Server would like to thank Jean Suman for contributing this material.

Oct. 23-Dec. 16, 1887



Rosemont is situated in Osage County, Kansas, one of the most beautiful, productive, and healthful counties in the midwestern country. It lies in the latitude of Washington, D.C. very near the geographical center of the Union, at an elevation of about one-thousand feet above sea level, and has mild and healthful climate, representing the happy mean between the extremes of northern cold and southern heat. The long and genial summer season, with its breezy days, and cool, refreshing nights can only be fully appreciated by those who are so fortunate as to have their homes located in this vicinity. The winters are short, dry, and open; and rarely prevent farm work for more than a few weeks. The annual rainfall ranges from thirty to forty inches so evenly distributed through the season that a failure of crops is unknown.

Why Rosemont possesses advantages not enjoyed by other cities that are starting in different parts of the country.

It is located on the K.N.& D.R.R., ten miles north of Waverly, nine miles south of Quenemo, six miles west of Williamsburg, and thirteen southeast of Lyndon, the county seat of Osage County. In a country that has been settled for the last twenty years. Consequently its people have passed beyond the stages of struggling existence and arrived at that happy period of comparative independence, if not "opulence" of life, which is the result of years of hard honest work, toil, and privation, and are in a condition today to build up a city that shall be looked at by the outside world with wonder, and pointed at as the crowning climax of true western energy.

To anyone who wishes for a business opening, there is no town or city that offers greater inducements than does Rosemont today. Surrounded as it is by a rich agricultural country, situated in one of the most healthful regions of our great American republic; it possesses all the advantages of an old settled country to support it, with none of the drawbacks common to new towns started in a new country without settlements.

Come one! come all! Bring your families with you and make your future home on one of the brightest spots on earth. Our latch string is on the outside, and a hearty welcome is extended to all, be you merchant, mechanic, laborer, or professional. We will extend the right hand of fellowship and make you happy.

Bring good Dry Goods houses, First Class Groceries, Boot and shoe house, Hardware and implement house, Drug stores, etc. One of the best points in the state to start a bank. Fine opening for Blacksmiths and wagon makers, shoemakers, and in fact mechanics of all kinds will find plenty of work to do, and can in a short time build themselves beautiful and comfortable homes.

In connection with all other advantages, fire clay has been found in inexhaustible quantity, with which, Rosemont seems sure to develop one large Fire Brick, Tile, and Pottery works, which will be in full operation in the near future, giving employment to a large force of both skilled and unskilled laborers. A bed of this most valuable product eighteen feet thick underlies the town; also, immediately over laying this bed of clay is a vein of excellent coal which not only insures cheap fuel for the city, but will insure the Fire, Brick, Tile and Pottery works. A cheap fuel for producing the products of fire Clay, which enters largely into the cost of the wares.

In addition to the fire, clay, and coal, another product, Slips, used for glazing Pottery, is also found directly over the coal. With a bed of slips eighteen inches thick, (the only deposit of its kind in the United States), coal thirty inches thick and a bed of Pottery Clay eighteen feet thick located in a country that within a hundred miles there is annually used thousands of car loads of Tiling, to say nothing of the growing demand for Fire-Brick, and the thousands of dollars worth of Pottery used every week. We say, without fear of contradiction, that within two years this industry alone will give employment to five hundred men, and support two thousand people.

About one hundred twenty lots have been sold in the last two months and some of the finest improvements in the state are now under course of construction.

With these facts assured, will you join hands with us, and help with your brains and hands build up a city that will be all that this picture paints it.

W. H. H. Frye

Contributor's Notes

(Good salesman, sounds like a place I would like to live. You can see where this might appeal to people looking for a place to settle.--It was a nice dream; too bad it did not come true. My grandfather owned the land that the town was built on and was working with Mr. Frye and several others to found it.) I am still looking for that ideal weather. I found this description fascinating, although I do not know what some of the things that he describes are. The town of Rosemont was destroyed by fire in 1906. Jean Suman

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