Salina, Kansas History

Salina, seat of Saline County. Saline County was organized in February 1858, soon after William A. Phillips had staked out the town site that became Salina, Kansas.

In 1860 Salina, the westernmost post on the Smoky Hill Trail, began to thrive as a "jumping off" place for gold hunters traveling to Pike's Peak.

At the close of the Civil War, William A. Phillips, now Col. Phillips, took off his Union Army uniform and returned to Salina.

Through the efforts of Col. Phillips, the Union Pacific Railroad was extended to Salina in 1867.

1872--First meat shipped in refrigerated cars leaves Salina.

During the 1870's, great amounts of wheat began to pour into Salina and a steam-powered flour mill was built. At this same time Dr. E. R. Switzer, of Salina, pioneered in introducing alfalfa to Kansas farmers.

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