Skiddy is located on the boundary line between Morris and
Davis (now Geary) counties and on the line of the Missouri, Kansas,
and Texas (Katy) Railroad.  The place was also known as and
sometimes designated, Camden.  It was started in 1870 by a mixed
colony from Pennsylvania and New Jersey, which was organized by one
W. E. Tomlinson.  It has only one general store which was built in
1870 by J. R. College.  The Baptists, who were quite numerous in
Skiddy and the surrounding country in 1882 finished a frame church
building for the purpose of worship.  The inhabitants of the
village number about 120 according to A. T. Andreas in 1883.
     Skiddy, organized with great promise, was named for a railroad
man, Francis Skiddy of New York, a magnate of the old Union Pacific
Railroad who controlled the northern extension of the Tebo and
Neosho Railroad branch.
     Rev. J.E. Glendenning, a Methodist minister who lived at
Skiddy in 1878-1879, was, at the time, holding services at
irregular intervals in various school houses in Ohio Township.   

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