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Rolling hills of Doniphan County,
Highway 36 looking west

City of Troy, Doniphan County, Kansas
Just across the Missouri River to the northeast,
Andrew and Buchanan Counties, MO were the previous homes for
many of the first Doniphan County KS residents in the late 1850s.

Doniphan County Sights - short slideshow

Traveling to Doniphan County, KS?
Check motels in nearby St. Joseph, MO

Donipan Co KS Court House

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Current History:

  • Spring 2011: Wathena High School's last graduating class with 34 seniors
    "Wathena High School was organized in 1889 under Principal E. J. Mathes, according to a history of the school written by teacher and historian Glendon Hartman. The first class graduated in 1890. By 1895 the school had grown from an enrollment of 21 to 53 students. The school moved into its present building in 1909. Additions were made in the 1990s."
  • Fall 2011: Elwood and Wathena High Schools merge
        Wathena USD406 + Elwood USD486 = USD 114

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