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"Where the streets are paved with bricks."

This is the home page of the historic, eclectic neighborhood of Old West Lawrence in Lawrence, Kansas. It is currently under construction (the page, not the neighborhood), and open to volunteer maintainers!

We're not the only ones who think our neighborhood is special! Here's what the March 1995 issue of House Beautiful has to say about OWL:

"About five minutes from the Eldridge Hotel, in the area around Louisiana Street between 6th and 9th streets, remains one of the finest residential neighborhoods in America. Old West Lawrence is distinguished...by a graceful mixture of styles, a wealth of detail, and the careful siting of each house. As I walked its streets--going from Gingerbread Victorian to Italianate to bungalow to those wonderful simple clapboards that stand up square and solid off the ground--I was looking not only at a good-natured competition to have the finest house, but also at a whole anthology of solutions to a comfortable and fulfilling family life."--William Bryant Logan, "Crossing the Sea of Grass" House Beautiful, March 1995

Famous OWL'ers

VOWL has had many famous residents over the years. These have included:
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