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City of Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas

Featured Lawrence Music

The People\'s Liberation Big Band of Kansas City; Jeff Harshbarger

CS Luxem, Christopher\'s FaceBook; CS Luxem Bandcamp

The North Fork Band Live @ KJHK 2017 Alex Thiessen, drums

Bad Alaskan, Alex Kimball Williams

Wild Eye Live @ KJHK 2017 (Ross Williams)

Wild Eye Part 2 Live @ KJHK 2017

Joe Schoonover Live @ KJHK 2015

Joe Schoonover-Guitar; Sam Goodell-Keys; Lucas Parker-Bass; Taylor Babb-Drums

Joe Schoonover Trio Live @ KJHK 2015

Joe Schoonover-Guitar; Joel Stratton-Bass; Matt Leifer-Drums

Joe Schoonover Flor de Lis by Djavan. Standing Room Only, 2015.

Will Treaster, Pianist; Piano lessons, Lawrence, KS

Beats in Kansas: A Literary Cosmic Vortex

The heartland has known the Beat writers from cradle to grave -- Michael McClure and Charles Plymell were born in Kansas, and William S. Burroughs spent his last years and died in Lawrence. In between, Allen Ginsberg and Gary Snyder made significant trips to the state. Other Kansas figures include Bruce Connor, Dennis Hopper, James Mechem, Roxie Powell, Jim McCrary, Wayne Propst, Glenn Todd, Alan Russo, John Fowler, Justin Hein, Bob Branaman, Ronald Johnson, and Burroughs\' heir James Grauerholz, to name a few. The karmic connection between Beat figures and Kansas influences the literary communities to this day. George Laughead\'s website Beats In Kansas was launched in 2002. Sponsored by Humanities Kansas.


Kerry Wynn, Washburn University Map of Kansas Literature Project Director, will spend some time introducing the new map of Kansas authors;

Denise Low, former Poet Laureate Kansas, will talk about Beats in Kansas: The Lawrence-Wichita Magnetic Pole

George Laughead, founder Beats in Kansas website, will give Beat Memoir with Artifacts, Beat life from 1963-2019

LoudLight, Progressive pro-voting and student voter registration group based in Topeka. Davis Hammet, director

Equality House, Topeka, KS FaceBook page.

Reconstruction, Unraveling Lawrence\'s most explosive underground newspaper, 40 years later: Issue No. 1, Feb. 10-24, 1969, by Frank Tankard, lawrence.com

[photo: Beat Generation writer Charles Plymell in Moody\'s Skidrow Beanery shirt, Cherry Valley, NY, 2002. Copyright 2002, Pat O\'Connor.]

"Nobody Rides For Free"by Grant Hart (formerly in Husker Du), music video by Laki Vazakas

Charley Plymell notes: "I first met Grant at B\'s [William Burroughs] funeral. Charles Henri Ford has a cameo in this and Ray Bremser kissing the bird."

Charles Plymell section at Beats In Kansas

Artist S. Clay Wilson: The Underground Genius Surfaces, by Charley Plymell, Beats In Kansas,

The late artist S. Clay Wilson\'s medical crisis -- hard to explain that without his art, the total visual palette used today would be different.


Donations address: S. Clay Wilson Special Needs Trust, PO Box 14854, San Francisco CA 94114
[Courtesy, Jim McCrary, used with permission. All rights reserved.]

William Burroughs, Jim McCrary, S. Clay Wilson -- on William\'s porch.

National Register of Historic Places Nomination: Oread Historic District - Located directly west of the downtown commercial area and east of the University of Kansas campus, the majority of the Oread Historic District falls within the Original town plat, and thus represents one of Lawrence\'s oldest residential neighborhoods.

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