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* eCards: Military history and Leavenworth Co

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    Join and ask questions on the KSLeaven-L email discussion group.
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    Then send messages about LV Co genealogy and history to the group at KSLEAVEN-L@rootsweb.com
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    : Free Yahoo eGroup for posting genealogy and history books you have for sale, or books you want to buy
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    Leavenworth County Family Histories, On-line
  • POWERS, David Whitehead and Elizabeth (nee FAULCONER) (Kansas Heritage)
  • ROCKEY, Robert and Mary Ann (nee CHAMBLIN) (Kansas Heritage)
  • Leavenworth County KSGenWeb
  • Kansas Family Histories
  • Kansas Interactive Genealogy
  • Kansas Surnames List

  • Biographical Sketches in Cutler's "History of the State of Kansas" (1883)
  • Leavenworth County section. See Part 16
  • MADDEN through OWEN, Leavenworth
  • PAGE through RICHTER, Leavenworth
  • ROACH through SHWAGLER, Leavenworth
  • SIMON through SWOBODA, Leavenworth
  • TALBOTT through VOLZ, Leavenworth
  • WAGER through ZONDLER, Leavenworth
  • ABSHIRE through WALSH, Delaware City & twp
  • BAKER through GWARTNEY, Kickapoo City & twp
  • HAMMON thorugh WARD, Kickapoo City & twp
  • ADAMSON through GWARTNEY, Easton
  • HALL through LOUGHMILLER, Easton
  • MCCLURE through ZACHARIAS, Easton
  • COURTNEY through WOOD, Springdale, KS/ Alexandria twp.
  • ANGELL through JONES, Tonganoxie
  • KIRKLAND through WINSLOW, Tonganoxie
  • ADAMS through TORNEDEN, Reno and Fall Leaf, Reno twp.
  • ALLAN through WELLHOUSE, Stranger, in Stranger twp.
  • BEACH through WELLHOUSE, Fairmount, in Fairmount twp.
  • BAKER through WARRING, Linwood in Sherman twp.
  • Local Cemeteries
    1. Chance Cemetery, Linwood (Interment.net)
    2. Congregational Cemetery, Linwood (Interment.net)
    3. Ft Leavenworth Military Prison Cemetery, Ft. Leavenworth (Interment.net)
    4. Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery, partial listing, Ft. Leavenworth (Interment.net)
    5. Leavenworth National Cemetery, Leavenworth (Interment.net)
    6. Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Lv Co, partial list (Interment.net)
    7. Sarcoxie Cemetery, Sarcoxie (Interment.net)
  • Leavenworth County Genealogy Society Cemetery list
  • Old Leavenworth County Cemeteries (Cutler)
  • The Digital Cemetery, Linda Lewis
  • Interment.net
  • Local History
    American Indians: The first Native American Veterans Powwow was held at Ft. Leavenworth on 3 November 2001. According to the Ft. Leavenworth Lamp, this was the first time local tribe members had ever officially been invited to the Fort, to honor and recognize the Native American vets.

    Leavenworth County Historical Society, Mark Buremann, Director
    Leavenworth County Genealogy Society
    Tonganoxie Historical Society

    Buffalo Soldiers

    1. Buffalo Soldier Network
    2. Robert Roark's "The Buffalo Soldiers"
    3. David J. Allen, 1916-1999. "In 1936, when he was 19, he enlisted in the Army, where he served in the 10th Cavalry -- a regiment of African-American soldiers who, along with the 9th Cavalry, formed the Buffalo Soldiers. The term dates back to when the regiments were formed in 1866 to help patrol the Western frontier and fight in the nation's wars..." (Wichita Eagle)
    Kansas in the Civil War - 1st Regiment Kansas Volunteers (KSGenWeb)

    Local College
    University of St. Mary

    Local Cities and Towns
    Yahoo list of Leavenworth Co Cities

    My home is the old station masters house of a small line called a milk run line of a milk run of a rail road that ran through McLouth to Bashor. The stop here where I live was called Ackerland and there was a weight scale and general store located in my back yard. My house is about 110 yrs old and you can still see the outline of the original house and it's ad ons including the station master's office which is now my bathroom. I was told by a older man that there was a filling station later placed somewhere here. My mother-in-laws house was a hotel and many years ago a woman in her eighties visited them and said she was born in their down stairs room off from the living room. The daughter of Tom Bell who lived to be 100 yrs old said she could remember going to the general store in 1947.
    Our two homes are all that is left of Ackerland.I am looking for any history of the town and photographs if there are any. So far I have not had any luck. Would it be possible for you to help me or point me in the right direction. Thank you. Roger Harsh, 1/9/1999

    City of Basehor (Yahoo)

    City of Easton
    City of Lansing City of Leavenworth (City Hall) City of Linwood
    City of Tonganoxie (LV Area Development)


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