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About Kansas Community Networks

The Kansas Community Networks (KCN) is a Kansas town, city, and county research center. The goal of the KCN is to help Kansas communities establish a presence on the world wide web (W3) and establish an archive of Kansas town and county history. This file is organized by KS county, and county seat town or city.

The Historical Directory of Kansas Towns (HDKT) is the original name of the KCN. The Historical Directory of KS Towns was established before 24 December 1993. The Kansas Community Networks depends on volunteer contributions of local Kansas city, town and county information and links.

Kansas (KS) Community Networks

Kansas County Town or City Community Network
Allen [AL] Iola (county seat)
Anderson [AN] Garnett (county seat)
Atchison [AT] Atchison (county seat)
Barber [BA] Medicine Lodge (county seat)
Barton [BT] Great Bend (county seat)
Bourbon [BB] Fort Scott (county seat)
Brown [BR] Hiawatha (county seat)
Butler [BU] El Dorado (county seat)
Chase [CS] Cottonwood Falls (county seat)
Chautauqua [CQ] Sedan (county seat)
Cherokee [CK] Columbus (county seat)
Cheyenne [CN] St. Francis (county seat)
Clark [CA] Ashland (county seat)
Clay [CY] Clay Center (county seat)
Cloud [CD] Concordia (county seat)
Coffey [CF] Burlington (county seat)
Comanche [CM] Coldwater (county seat)
Cowley [CL] Winfield (county seat)
Crawford [CR] Girard (county seat)
Decatur [DC] Oberlin (county seat)
Dickinson [DK] Abilene (county seat)
Doniphan [DP] Troy (county seat)
Douglas [DG] Lawrence (county seat)
Edwards [ED] Kinsley (county seat)
Elk [EK] Howard (county seat)
Ellis [EL] Hays (county seat)
Ellsworth [EW] Ellsworth (county seat)
Finney [FI] Garden City (county seat)
Ford [FO] Dodge City (county seat)
Franklin [FR] Ottawa (county seat)
Geary [GE] Junction City (county seat)
Gove [GO] Gove (county seat)
Graham [GH] Hill City (county seat)
Grant [GT] Ulysses (county seat)
Gray [GY] Cimarron (county seat)
Greeley [GL] Tribune (county seat)
Greenwood [GW] Eureka (county seat)
Hamilton [HA] Syracuse (county seat)
Harper [HP] Anthony (county seat)
Harvey [HV] Newton (county seat)
Haskell [HS] Sublette (county seat)
Hodgeman [HG] Jetmore (county seat)
Jackson [JA] Holton (county seat)
Jefferson [JF] Oskaloosa (county seat)
Jewell [JW] Mankato (county seat)
Johnson [JO] Olathe (county seat)
Kearny [KE] Lakin (county seat)
Kingman [KM] Kingman (county seat)
Kiowa [KW] Greensburg (county seat)
Labette [LB] Oswego (county seat)
Lane [LE] Dighton (county seat)
Leavenworth [LV] Leavenworth (county seat)
Lincoln [LC] Lincoln (county seat)
Linn [LN] Mound City (county seat)
Logan [LG] Oakley (county seat)
Lyon [LY] Emporia (county seat)
Marion [MN] Marion (county seat)
Marshall [MS] Marysville (county seat)
McPherson [MP] McPherson (county seat)
Meade [ME] Meade (county seat)
Miami [MI] Paola (county seat)
Mitchell [MC] Beloit (county seat)
Montgomery [MG] Independence (county seat)
Morris [MR] Council Grove (county seat)
Morton [MT] Elkhart (county seat)
Nemaha [NM] Seneca (county seat)
Neosho [NO] Erie (county seat)
Ness [NS] Ness City (county seat)
Norton [NT] Norton (county seat)
Osage [OS] Lyndon (county seat)
Osborne [OB] Osborne (county seat)
Ottawa [OT] Minneapolis (county seat)
Pawnee [PN] Larned (county seat)
Phillips [PL] Phillipsburg (county seat)
Pottawatomie [PT] Westmoreland (county seat)
Pratt [PR] Pratt (county seat)
Rawlins [RA] Atwood (county seat)
Reno [RN] Hutchinson (county seat)
Republic [RP] Belleville (county seat)
Rice [RC] Lyons (county seat)
Riley [RL] Manhattan (county seat)
Rooks [RO] Stockton (county seat)
Rush [RH] La Crosse (county seat)
Russell [RS] Russell (county seat)
Saline [SA] Salina (county seat)
Scott [SC] Scott City (county seat)
Sedgwick [SG] Wichita (county seat)
Seward [SW] Liberal (county seat)
Shawnee [SN] Topeka (county seat)(state capital)
Sheridan [SD] Hoxie (county seat)
Sherman [SH] Goodland (county seat)
Smith [SM] Smith Center (county seat)
Stafford [SF] St. John (county seat)
Stanton [ST] Johnson (county seat)
Stevens [SV] Hugoton (county seat)
Sumner [SU] Wellington (county seat)
Thomas [TH] Colby (county seat)
Trego [TR] WaKeeney (county seat)
Wabaunsee [WB] Alma (county seat)
Wallace [WA] Sharon Springs (county seat)
Washington [WS] Washington (county seat)
Wichita [WH] Leoti (county seat)
Wilson [WL] Fredonia (county seat)
Woodson [WO] Yates Center (county seat)
Wyandotte [WY] Kansas City (county seat)

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