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City of Dodge City, Ford County, Kansas

US Senator Pat Roberts talks about Trump

Update about Trump's attacks on farmers

"Mexico is now buying it [grain] from Argentina," he said. "Canada has an agreement with Japan; we don't. Australia has an agreement with Japan; we don't, if you want to extend your national security in the Pacific and alert China to food they desperately need."

  • Barry Grissom for Senate
  • Kris Kobach for Senate

  • Beats in Kansas: A Literary Cosmic Vortex

    Seminar, Sun., 2-4 pm.
    April 7, 2019

    Wichita Public Library, Wichita, Kansas

    The heartland has known the Beat writers from cradle to grave -- Michael McClure and Charles Plymell were born in Kansas, and William S. Burroughs spent his last years and died in Lawrence. In between, Allen Ginsberg and Gary Snyder made significant trips to the state. Other Kansas figures include Bruce Connor, Dennis Hopper, James Mechem, Roxie Powell, Jim McCrary, Wayne Propst, Glenn Todd, Alan Russo, John Fowler, Justin Hein, Bob Branaman, Ronald Johnson, and Burroughs' heir James Grauerholz, to name a few. The karmic connection between Beat figures and Kansas influences the literary communities to this day. George Laughead's website Beats In Kansas was launched in 2002. Sponsored by Humanities Kansas.

    Kerry Wynn, Washburn University Map of Kansas Literature Project Director, will spend some time introducing the new map of Kansas authors;

    Denise Low, former Poet Laureate Kansas, will talk about Beats in Kansas: The Lawrence-Wichita Magnetic Pole

    George Laughead, founder Beats in Kansas website, will give Beat Memoir with Artifacts, Beat life from 1963-2019

    Koch Industries, Koch Brothers

    Dodge City -- Images of America, photographs from the Ford County Historical Society, Dodge City, KS

    Historic 1878-1882 Dodge City Police Docket Book On-Line, April 2010, Ft. Hays State University Forsyth Library

    New address: Dodge City, the Cowboy Capital, by Robert M. Wright (1913), Dodge City Town President/Founder; www.kansashistory.us/fordco/wright/

    Ford County Historical Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the history of Dodge City, Ford County and the American West

    Citizens of Dodge City to Governor George W. Glick, 1883, Twelve citizens of Dodge City, Kansas, write Governor George W. Glick, of Topeka, protesting the forcible removal of Luke Short from Dodge City; Kansas Historical Society

    Sam Brownback, Koch Brothers

    Dennis Hopper, Dodge City, KS; RIP, May 17, 1936 - May 29, 2010

    The Beginnings of Dodge City, by Robert M. Wright, Town President

    Populating Boot Hill, by Robert M. Wright

    Kansas Antique Race Cars Photographs, jalopies and rails. First Annual Legends of McCarty Speedway. See: Racing in Kansas

    Kansas Cowboy Hall of Fame, Boot Hill Museum, Dodge City

    Kansas Historic Preservation Resources

    WWW-VL: US Agricultural History

    WWW-VL: Wind Power In Kansas

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