[logo: Kansas Heritage Group] [photo: Cowboy Statue on Boot Hill, Dodge City, by Dr.
Oscar Simpson, DDS, 1929. C. 1998, G.L.] [photo: Dodge City Cowboys on the Range metal statue, Dodge City, KS] [photograph: Field Near Dodge City, photograph by Dave Gunn, Lawrence, KS; copyright 2004]

City of Dodge City, Ford County, Kansas

Dodge City -- Images of America, photographs from the Ford County Historical Society, Dodge City, KS


Dodge City, the Cowboy Capital, by Robert M. Wright (1913), Dodge City Town President/Founder; www.kansashistory.us/fordco/wright/

Ford County Historical Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the history of Dodge City, Ford County and the American West

Dennis Hopper, Dodge City, KS; RIP, May 17, 1936 - May 29, 2010

The Beginnings of Dodge City, by Robert M. Wright, Town President

Populating Boot Hill, by Robert M. Wright

Kansas Antique Race Cars Photographs, jalopies and rails. First Annual Legends of McCarty Speedway. See: Racing in Kansas

Kansas Cowboy Hall of Fame, Boot Hill Museum, Dodge City

Kansas Historic Preservation Resources

WWW-VL: US Agricultural History

WWW-VL: Wind Power In Kansas

Ford County KS Web Sites

Pioneer Kansas and Dodge City lawman "Ham Bell says the idea that he never drew a gun on a man when he was sheriff here in the early days is all wrong. He never shot a man, he says, and that was mainly because he was always careful to draw his gun in plenty of time before the other man drew his. "If I'd never drawn a gun," he says, "I wouldn't have lived a week." Dodge City Daily Globe, January 14, 1931

Dodge City History

Mueller-Schmidt House (1881) Museum, Dodge City. QT Virtual Panorama Tour

Art and Theater

Events and Festivals

[photo: Cowboy Sign, Dodge City, Kansas. courtesy, Dodge City Tourism Bureau]

Dodge City Tourism & Attractions

[photo: Ford County Court House, Dodge City, Kansas. C.
1999, G.L.]


Historical House Museum

History Groups

History Web Directories

Schools and Colleges

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Family History


Local History



Old West Kansas

Books and Articles

Southwest Kansas Towns

WWW-VL: United States History

  • Dodge City Tourism Coalition, an alliance of non-profit Western Heritage venues
  • Southwest Kansas Drought Page, NOAA's National Weather Service [By 2020, some two-thirds of the irrigated acreage in Kansas will no longer enjoy a reliable water supply, state officials predict.]
  • Kansas Energy Council, Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Policy and Economics, 2007 August [.pdf]

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