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City of Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas

Marshall’s GOP campaign hijacks, manipulates videos in bid to discredit Bollier

Featured Topeka Music

Wild Eye Live @ KJHK 2017 (Ross Williams)

Wild Eye Part 2 Live @ KJHK 2017

Joe Schoonover Live @ KJHK 2015

Joe Schoonover-Guitar; Sam Goodell-Keys; Lucas Parker-Bass; Taylor Babb-Drums

Joe Schoonover Trio Live @ KJHK 2015

Joe Schoonover-Guitar; Joel Stratton-Bass; Matt Leifer-Drums

Joe Schoonover Flor de Lis by Djavan. Standing Room Only, 2015.

LoudLight, Progressive pro-voting and student voter registration group based in Topeka. Davis Hammet is director.

Equality House, Topeka, KS FaceBook page.

19th Century Kansas Traveling Shows & Minstrel and Medicine Shows -- Creating a Market for the Blues, both by Pat O'Connor

Mark Dunn's Flint Hills: Mark Dunn shares with you his view of the Flint Hills in all their moods -- easily one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth; KanColl Graphics

National Register of Historic Places Nomination: Bowker House - Located southeast of the Kansas Statehouse, this two-story limestone residence was built in 1866 by Reverend Samuel Bowker to serve as a boarding house for students of Lincoln College (Washburn University). It is the only extant resource associated with Lincoln College and is believed to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited residences in Topeka.

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